"Everything is Beautifull!"


Robin Burger (1980) is an internationally selling artist based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Through the use of old street posters, strong placed lines and strokes with paint or marker,Burger creates art that is playful, full of energy and vibrant. Combining colourful, urban, graphic forms with natural imageryresults in modern, fresh and iconic works of art.

Robin Burger finished his bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven and started his career as an independent designer back in 2007. Throughout the years, Burger’s focus crossfaded from graphic design towards more artistic expression. For the last several years, he has fully committed to his passion of making art.

In 2018/2019 Burger created the "Tout est magnefique" series. These works were the result of his efforts to ascend emotion and thought. It has everything to do with the love of creating and tryingto tap into the pure creative nature of everything. Everything is beautiful.

From these series, Burger’s almost philosophical search continued andflowed naturally into his latest works; the 2020 series. The 2020 series were inspired by the following quote by Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless, so is a flower”. Burger explains: “This used to sound so bleak and depressing to me, but I discovered it tobe the most beautiful quote that puts art up on the same pedestal aslove and life itself. It’s a celebration of the act of creating itself. Making this series has felt as a personal victory, being able to fully commit to creating without limiting myself in the process.”

In his paintings, Burger combines an wide variety of materials. His works are typically a mix of ‘sourced’ materials such as old event-posters taken from the streets, his own computer-designed focalpoints, and strong placed brush strokes of acrylic paints. You can see the influences of his graphic designer past in the incorporation of logo’s, graphic elements and blatant usage of stock imagery. This approach leads to a bold, playfull, and colourful imagery world which seamlessly connects to our modern, urban surroundings. Giving energy and expression to your living spaces.

...dreamy fantastical quality

Robin Burger is continually triggered by elements in his everyday surroundings. Robin burger sees, where others would turn a blind eye, like gum marks in streets or the patterns in a scaffolding. The result is a devoted yet critical view of our reality culminating in powerful images. Central to his work are certain distinctive themes such as society and nature, humour, western iconic images, and often have a dreamy fantastical quality. He questions the monotony of our everyday, challenges it, criticizes it, and is also amazed by it. He uses these inspiring elements and combines them into original works of art; a fusion which is typical of Robin Burger. Feel free to check out more of my works atmy online art gallery!


"From a young age, I have been passionately involved in realizing creative projects. Creating beauty and expressing my creative ideas fills me with deep satisfaction. My ability to think outside the box and my creativity undoubtedly form one of my most prominent traits. My education and work experience have broadened my knowledge and strengthened my desire to actively continue 'making.' As a result, I have become a versatile creative force.

I can quickly and effectively generate ideas that stimulate the imagination. My years of engagement in the field of creation and development have significantly expanded my understanding of materials, techniques, and styles. Creation is in my DNA; it is an integral part of who I am. Therefore, it is a natural step for me to start my own venture, focused on sharing my knowledge and passion for creativity and creating space for my innovative ideas."

Robin Verweij - 2023